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join the naacp!

By becoming a member of the NAACP, you support the important work being done at the national level, and you have an even greater impact at the local level – in our own community.

For $30 per year, you enable us to fight for the civil rights of people right here in Worcester and the surrounding area.  Your financial support, your time, ideas and skills enable us to have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversations about the impact of racism in the realms of education, economy, health, and legal justice.

By joining through the branch, you will be connected more quickly to local meetings and activities, and your money immediately goes to work in the Worcester area.


Please join us, because “when we fight, we win!”

Mail in Your Membership Form Today!

If you have trouble printing the application, just send your contact information along with the check (address, e-mail and phone). If you are renewing, and your contact information is the same, the check will be enough.

Please contact the Worcester Branch Secretary, Rev. Doreen Oughton if you are interested in a Lifetime Membership at


We appreciate you interest in joining or renewing your membership.  Please click the download button below to download a membership form.  Include the form and payment (check or money order) to the address on the address on the bottom of the form.

Join Online Today!

Join or Renew Your Membership with the Worcester Branch using Paypal!

(includes $2.00 processing fee)

Join the Worcester Branch Through the NAACP National Website!

Take the first steP!
Find ways to support the NAAcp!

In Person

We'll be happy to meet you in person to share how you can financially support the Worcester, NAACP, and receive your donation in person.

Thank You In Advance!


NAACP is the largest and most influential civil rights organization in the nation. The vital work we do advancing political, educational, social, and economic equality for Black people in the United States depends on the generosity of supporters like you.

Over the Phone

Volunteer, fundraise, attend meetings, share information and resources are just a few ways you can support the Worcester Branch NAACP.  We'd love to hear your ideas of how we can work together to advance social justice in Worcester.

By Email

Connect with us and email us today at

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